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100% natural, no-fuss instant drink mix made from fresh food products. An effortless way to add good nutrients to your daily routine. Vegetarian products with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Just mix and sip, anytime and any place.

we love it


Simply love the taste and aroma. It smells and tastes fresh, I am addicted. I consume both the Energy & Metabolic drink once a day. It has become a habit. 

ankit chopra

I feel more active and light. I have stopped having my milk tea, this is it. I have been using this for 2 months and the benefits are pretty clear. My mornings are good. 


It is a unique product, the 1st brand to launch such drinks. All the ingredients are front listed and it has zero artificial ingredients, inspires confidence.  

What is suron?

We transform fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs into handy, no-fuss drink powders that are good for your health. Our mission is to make good health easy. Our products are as close as you can go to raw form, preserving maximum benefits and flavors possible. Our Motto - Good Health, The Natural Way.


drink well, live well

Diet and nutrition experts recommend consuming fruits and veggies high on antioxidants and other essential minerals to keep your health in good shape. We make sure busy people like you have access to natural drink powders where ever you go. Suron drink mixes are Yummy To Taste & Easy To Make.


mix, sip, repeat

Our drink mix allows you to carry your health with you 24x7. Whether at work, home or an out station trip, it takes only 30 seconds to make all our drinks. A healthy replacement to your regular hot tea or cold drinks. What ever your choice or liking, we have you covered. Good habits, made easy.   


your new personal nutritionist

You have taken medicines, supplements, packed juices and what not; sometimes in need, other times in peace. A regular intake of essential nutrients is extremely important as it keeps you healthy. We make no-fuss drinks that are healthier than some run of the mill products like coffee, tea and sugary drinks, both hot and cold. Suron is a healthy alternative, a better choice.

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natural ingredients

no chemicals or colorants

no added flavors

good nutrients, healthy

good manufacturing practice

responsibly grown ingredients

vitamins & minerals

I feel more energetic and my body feels lighter. My mornings are better, plus the drink is so easy to consume.

Vishal Gupta

It has replaced my regular tea. My go to hot drink now. I have it once around 12pm and then later in the evening.

Shruti Kapoor

I carry it where ever I go. A regular dose has done magic. My body just feels a lot more cleaner, more like detox of my digestive system.

Pallavi Sharma

The drink tastes nice and is easy to make. My weekend binge does not lead to a bad gut anymore.

Rohit Pawar

I saw an improvement within 2 weeks. Having it with warm water works well. My gut and eating habits seem more in sync.

Shilpa Diwan

No added flavors, all natural, easy to drink, healthy and delicious! What else can I ask for?


I think it begins to show results after 2-3 weeks. You feel a marked improvement and the change is visible.

Twisha Sharma